Advertising Terminology:A dictionary of an Advertising Language


Art Terms

Art- This classification would include illustration, spot drawings, diagrams, lettering, and decoration.

Art gum – a soft gum eraser used by artists for cleaning surfaces.

Layout- the form in which the elements of an advertisement are combined either rough or visual, finished, and comprehensive.

Lettering- this is the hand drawing of letters for reproduction as differentiated from mechanical means such as type or photo-lettering.

General Terms

Account Executive- this is a position or a member in advertising staff who directs and services a client’s advertising.

Advertising Agency- an agency that establish an organization which plans and executes advertising campaigns for its clients.

Art director- this is the administrative artist or supervisor of an art department or of a particular account or group of accounts.

Commission- this is a compensation which is allowed by individual advertising media to the advertising agencies which they recognize in payment for the service and development of advertising. This is the amount of money the sales you make that based on the percentage they will gave you.

Media Terms

Billing- this is the bill of the clients for gross space, time , and talent, production, fees and all other legitimate changes.

Cost per thousand- a figured obtained by dividing the rate of the publication by the circulation of readers in thousands.

Business or production terms

Account- this is an advertiser placing advertising directly with media or a client of an advertising agency.

Stock- this is the term used in referring to the paper used in printing.

Text- straight or body matter of a book.

Type style- this is known as the font size of the letterings.

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