USA vs Overseas Firms | Who is the better choice for SEO?

US vs Overseas SEO firms

US vs Overseas

There are a gazillion different reasons but here are an array of good reasons to choose a US SEO firm as your SEO service provider.

I read a report yesterday that claims that the #1 SEO provider as far as countries go is India, then Pakistan in #2 spot and the USA is #3. So this brings up the first point: We are a US firm. There are far more regulations and governing bodies here in the states. We as a company are held accountable. Where as over seas you are taking a gamble. There is indeed a window of opportunity for an overseas company or individual to walk away. We cant find Bin Laden, what makes you think the FBI or Interpol will track these guys down in India, or Pakistan. With that being said lets dive into some facts about SEO itself, not so much the countries stature with laws and accountability.

As far as SEO goes whether you read this blog or others all professionals agree it takes links and on-site optimization to achieve results. A 2 sided coin, if you will. The benefit of overseas companies is that they have lower cost overhead due to HR costs being significantly less than any US firm. This is the key ingredient to why the countries of Pakistan and India have an influx of companies popping up. The business model is hit and miss though. These companies weigh extremely heavy on the link building aspect of SEO. This can be effective, good but not a guaranteed way to do generate results. These companies require a massive link building effort. Generating hundreds of thousands of non-targeted inbound links where only 5% to 10% of those links are actually needed. So building a mass of link into your site with improper anchor text, on sites with low PR and no relevance, and also building links to generate a false positive Page Rank.

When building inbound links is the primary way of generating SEO results the margin for error is extremely high. First of all the proper on-site optimization can eliminate the need for links built inbound to your site. In fact we build on average about 5% of the links that overseas firms do. A reverse engineering of the Google Algorithm from the SERP’s that are generated can give a preview of what Google is looking for. This allows us to generate results much faster. This reverse engineering practice is a more common practice in the US. The reason is simple. In order to offer an affordable rate and compete with overseas organizations. So with all that being said we are looking at an unskilled overseas workforce “building links” for pennies per hour in wages and zero SEO knowledge.

In closing I want to add not only is it more effective to utilize SEO service providers form the U.S.A., it is also more cost effective if you find the right company. Be careful of any firm that locks you into a monthly contract US or overseas.

Good luck, and I wish all of you a prosperous 2011.

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Travis Holt
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