Groupon Super Bowl Ad |Watch the Banned Super Bowl Commercial Video

groupon super bowl ad

groupon superbowl ad

Groupon created a tasteless commercial on a big budget deal that was a loss all together.  My question is how do you get this far?  This was produced, paid for, and the proce tag had to be cleared through the heads of that corporation.

Rueters printed in its interview:

“One thing is clear — our ads offended a lot of people,” admitted founder Andrew Mason on the company’s blog Thursday.

“We hate that we offended people, and we’re very sorry that we did — it’s the last thing we wanted,” Mason added. “We’ve listened to your feedback, and since we don’t see the point in continuing to anger people, we’re pulling the ads.”

Several of the company’s spots, which were directed by Best in Show’s Christopher Guest, will continue to air on Friday because they were previously scheduled.

“We thought we were poking fun at ourselves, but clearly the execution was off and the joke didn’t come through,” Mason added. “I personally take responsibility; although we worked with a professional ad agency, in the end, it was my decision to run the ads.”

“Our ads highlight the often trivial nature of stuff on Groupon when juxtaposed against bigger world issues… ” he went on. “To those who were offended, I feel terrible that we made you feel bad. While we’ve always been a little quirky, we certainly aren’t trying to be the kind of company that builds its brand on creating controversy — we think the quality of our product is a much stronger message.”

We think the ad agency is above all responsible for the fiasco.  How do let a company you represent spend this kind of cash and get nothing in return but bad press.  The You tube video is no where near as popular as others so if this was a pathetic attempt at edgy-viral, Groupon lost there too.

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