How to Optimize for Google Places | Local Optimization

Have we all seen the Google Map in our search results?  How are some businesses ahead of others?  Here is the skinny on how to dominate locally.

Dominate Locally…

Have you signed up for all these sites?  Google shares the information with these sites.  The info ends up in Google Local. Then what we do is take these sites and add reviews to them.  The reviews are like votes.  

A couple of notes:

1. These sites should have as much of the information completed as possible.  Including videos and what ever else they ask for.
2. Please send me links to your new ads.
3. Some are paid ads.  These are not required but help.  They in my opinion do not warrant cost for all business types.  They are known to drive traffic but this is depending on your business type.  They do not publish genre specific stats so its hit and miss. Restaurants do well generally but all others is dependent of many factors including location.  Check you genre to see if it gets a lot of comments and user action.  This tells us if that city is using the website for looking at your type of business. ( i.e. Just because craigslist is used here doesnt mean its used over there. ) 
4. Beware of salesman.  Almost all of these will get you on the list.  Service magic and yellow pages are ridiculous and super aggressive.  Use Google Voice and send them to VM. lol
5. In almost all cases the free or cheapest option is the best. Dont believe the hype!
6. Using Google Voice you can set up multiple accounts in multiple areas.  (advanced users only, call for help)

Google Places

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