First 5 things to do when you start your own business

Lets face it starting your own business is a lot of work.  There are many things that need to be done.  We wanted to make a small list of things you should do first when starting your own business.

1. Visit the SBA, Small Business Administration, and get a business plan started.  You can download some templates from the website and you can also get a S.C.O.R.E. counselor to help you with this.  A SCORE counselor is usually a retired person who was successful in life and is a volunteer to help people with their business.  Any time you have a question, make sure you have a SCORE counselor on speed dial.

2. Think of a great name.  In todays world the internet is an important place to market and brand your business.  So you want to make sure you look for a business name online as well as on paper.  Think of some names you like and then buy a domain name (.com) with that name.  I use Godaddy.  They have good customer service and they are huge so I doubt they will go anywhere, any time soon.  They have a great domain name search.  This is not easy.  Make sure to use a couple tricks of the trade.  Choose a name that is easy to remember.  Use something like a Gorilla that people will think of when you tell them your name.  Your name should be memorable even if not written down.  So avoid choosing long names or names that have a lot of similar words. Also find out who else has a similar name.  Search Google for companies that may be conflicting.  Lastly if you are a local business try to use your city in the domain name.

3. Get a fictitious business name and business license from the city, county and state.  Just give them a call they usually take a CC over the phone.  Also if you just go to the bank they can help too, depending on how your bank operates.  Calling the city, state, and government is helpful because they answer questions and are usually really friendly and helpful.

4. Branding.  Get a logo.  Have a pro do this.  Whether you have a friend, hire us ($25), or you are the pro.  You need some graphic designer to create your logo so you can use it in all future printing applications.  Word just does not cut it long term.

5. Get some business cards and a website.  Vista print offers free cards but they do not have your logo etc.  We sell them for as little as $45 for 1000 full color custom cards.  Bring these everywhere you go and hand them out to people you meet.  I try to hand at least one card to someone every day.  The website we can do too.  Our websites are as low as $200 for a custom site.  This is good but if you are on a shoe string budget then you can just buy hosting and use our free website creator.  This gives you vanity emails like and a place where you can put info on your business.  This can take the place of an actual office and is the primary place of business for many business owners.


Here is 5 things you need to do when starting your own business.  Feel free to chime in with your suggestions below.

This entry was posted by Monday, 19 September, 2011