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Artwork Specifications - General File Information –  Preferable file types

When submitting artwork, files must be ready to print with no bleeds. We do print to the edge, but still recommend that you don’t have any important information (like small text) within an inch of the edge of your design. The document should not have objects extending outside the dimensions of the area that will be printed, this may cause problems when resizing and preparing the document for printing. Make sure all fonts have been created to outlines.

We print in 4-color CMYK and 6-color CMYKLCLM, please keep this in mind when submitting files for printing as color tone shifting may occur if file is submitted in RGB or other color spaces. If there is a specific PMS color required for your project please let us know so we can verify that you have the proper color mix in your file.

Please review your artwork at full size before submitting as we are not responsible for output quality (including color, clarity and final output) when printing customer supplied files. We do our best to ensure that your final product is what you want, but we aren’t able to do so without you putting in your part. Trust us when we tell you something won’t look good or turn out as you imagine it will.

The files we prefer are vector based ai or eps (Adobe Illustrator, version 10 or lower). Make sure all text has been converted to outlines. A high resolution (600-800 dpi) jpeg, pdf, or tif may also work. Please flatten all layers when submitting documents from Photoshop.

Exact sizes can not be guaranteed as prints can flutuate up to 1/2” per linear foot. Example: Finished size of a 12’ (144”) print can be up to 6” short.

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