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The Best SEO Columbia MO Has to Offer is The Gorilla Ad Agency, LLC. A family owned boutique ad agency that specializes in effective online advertising, and superior SEO Services for Kansas City, Missouri and the globe.

What is effective online advertising?

Effective online advertising is a combination of strategy, great websites, Google organic search rankings, Viral marketing, Reputation management, and local optimization all tied into any print, television, radio or any other offline advertising efforts.

Why choose The Gorilla Ad Agency for you SEO needs?

Onsite search engine optimization is our specialty. We are so good in fact, that our staff only has to build 10% of the links other companies do to achieve the same results. That will keep your costs down and our results up.

We have reverse engineered the Google algorithm to give us on-site optimization capabilities our competitors just do not offer. Our understanding and knowledge of Google’s Search Engine get our clients results.

A 100% success rate. We have not failed once for dozens of clients. We have to build less links due to our superb onsite optimization. We need 10% or less of the inbound links that other SEO companies need to generate search results.

We provide monthly reporting, monitoring and an all inclusive service that is effective. So effective in fact, we have successfully achieved results for 100% of our clients. View SEO Packages

Is SEO Right For You?

Every company is different. We need to take a look at what it is you need by looking at Google’s Monthly Search Volume data and a close look at the competition. To get a free profit projection and see what SEO can do for your company call us today or click here to get a free analysis online.


Columbia, Missouri is not our home base. We are a global company with clients from Mexico City to Australia and all over the US.  Our home base and corporate headquarters is located in Springfield, Missouri. That is where the majority of the magic happens. You may be in contact with one of our reporesentatives locally, as  we have several reps located all over the world to assist clients and manage their projects.

We are a 100% American company that uses only American programmers, graphic designers, and contractors.  Most, if not all, of our contractors are local and live and work here in Springfield, Missouri.  We do however have offices and representatives in several other cities.  We also are available to meet with clients upon availability of schedule and size of the project. We also contract experts in very exclusive areas like voice over, acting and film crews.

Why Columbia Missouri?

Its easy.  We are expanding into the Columbia (MO) area because we feel like the economy sustains companies that can find our effective and cost effective solutions to be exactly what business owners want and need.

The economy of Columbia is historically dominated by education, healthcare, and the insurance industry. Jobs in government are also common, either in Columbia or a half-hour away in Jefferson City.[47] Commutes into the city are also common and in 2000 the city had a day time population of 106,487. The Columbia Regional Airport and the Missouri River Port of Rocheport connect the region with trade and transportation. The University of Missouri is by far the city’s largest employer.

The economy of the metro area is slightly larger than that of the Bahamas. With a Gross Metropolitan Product of $5.84 billion in 2004, Columbia’s economy makes up 2.9% of the Gross State Product of Missouri. Insurance corporations headquartered in Columbia include Shelter Insurance, and Columbia Insurance Group. Other organizations include MFA Incorporated, Missouri State High School Activities Association and MFA Oil. Companies such as Socket (Telecommunications Provider), Datastorm Technologies, Inc., Slackers CDs and Games and Carfax were founded in Columbia. MBS Textbook Exchange, regarded as the industry leader in new and used textbooks in the nation was founded in Columbia. It holds the largest inventory of new and used textbooks in the nation. It is also the largest private employer in Columbia.

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