Is WordPress Good for SEO?

Yes. WordPress is Good for SEO. According to Matt Cutts, Google official SEO go to guy, WordPress is set up in a way that is very search engine friendly. He is quoted as stating ” If you do everything on WordPress you are pretty much covered…” He went on to say later in the video when asked to elablrate, ” WordPress has virtually everything you would want your site to have as far as SEO goes…”

That is for the most part anyway. You must give into account the fact that if you have a open source plugins, free templates, or anything you downloaded for free you have placed code onto your website that you did not write. These plugins and extras can be harmful, and some are very helpful.

One important asset of wordpress, as far as SEO is concerned, a search friendly aspect is the ease to share.  Viral is the way to link build and wordpress lends itself to that side of SEO very well.

Here is the complete video that truly answers the question, “Is WordPress Good for SEO?”

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