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Attorney Web Design & SEO

Posted by on Monday, 6 February, 2012

Looking for the best attorney web design specialist for the lowest possible price?  You cannot afford to have a less than spectacular web design.  The old days of advertising in the Yellow Pages is gone.  Todays advertising for attorneys is best started on the internet.

Web Design and SEO for Attorneys is a Must in this Economy!

Think about it for a minute…When was the last time you used the yellow book?  Why spend hundreds or thousands every month when you can get a web design that is the envy of your competition?  Now how often do you use Google or Bing?

On your phone, on your PC, tablet, MAC or what have you the information is so easily accessible it has destroyed the need for 411 and the Yellow pages all together.  That is why you need a quality website, no hassle or BS, and SEO that will get your website to appear in the search results of your target market.

Examples of our latest web designs…

Why choose us?

We have made hundreds of websites, from scratch, by hand, and in abut a week.  Quality that some of the best attorneys in the world spend $5k or more, we only charge about $500. We have attorney clients that you can call, that will tell you we are the best choice for attorney web design and SEO.

- Content management system
- Unlimited Support
- Free Hosting for 1 Year
- and much more!

What can you expect?

In about 48 hours you can have a design custom made for you.  Here is an example of what you can expect.  Once you get your initial design mock, you get unlimited design revisions, so we change what needs to be changed and move forward.  Once the design is exactly how you want and like, we “slice” the design into a website.    The entire process takes about 7 days from start to finish.  Call us or fill out the form below to get started.

View Our Portfolio | View Our Web Design Packages | Ready?  Get Started

Advertising Your New Business on a Budget

Posted by on Thursday, 12 January, 2012

Advertising new business ventures at affordable rates is essential.  What you do not want is affordable advertising that is not effective.  In advertising you want to utilize your budget to its fullest potential.    Todays advertising world you need to put your company into as many places as possible.

Take advantage of low lining fruit.

You want to use your budget in a timeline that buys the most effective and cost effective first, then moves into larger more expensive advertising mediums like TV and Radio. Take advantage of things like websites and business cards first, they are the most effective for the cost. The ads and advertising efforts you use as a new business should be high in quality and cost effective.  Why?  The answer is simple, your new business needs to get as much visibility and conversion as possible.  The more your are seen, the more viewers means more chances for customers as well as brand recognition.

Effective advertising in 2012 and beyond.

New business in 2012 are not going to get by utilizing the yellow pages and perhaps some TV ads.  That may have been good in the 90′s, now you need an array of everything you can afford because people utilize too many mediums for media, entertainment, and information.  There are less places to advertise where none of your competition is or to just go bigger may not be an option.

New business? This is where to start.

To get started checkout our startup advertising packages by clicking one of the links below. Or call us today to talk about your advertising needs.

  1. Small Startup Advertising Package
  2. Medium Startup Advertising Package
  3. Large Startup Advertising Package
  4. Get a free 60+ page Advertising and Marketing Plan.

Real Estate Marketing Plan

Posted by on Monday, 12 December, 2011

Do you need a real estate marketing plan?

A real estate marketing plan is an essential part of  selling homes for top dollar in any market. Let a professional ad agency create a marketing plan that will sell your home fast.  This is the best kept secret of all the top sellers.

We use market statistics, competitive analysis, business acumen, and advertising know how to devlop the most effective advertising to sell any home, anywhere, and fast.

Fill out the form below to get a free real estate marketing plan emailed to you at no cost.  No hassle from sales people.  Just one email, and one follow up call.

Fill out the form below to get started.

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What is the catch?

No catch.  We will send you an amazing plan that incorporates the very best, most effective advertising for your budget.  Why spend money before you know what works and what does not work?

The Gorilla Ad Agency will make you a real estate marketing plan that is tailored to your property, on your budget. Let a professional ad agency create a real estate marketing plan for you, for free.

We then send you our prices for the products you need.  If you end up somewhere else that is OK too.  We offer an array of great advertising services, at affordable rates.

Our company believes by helping you plan your real estate marketing with our team of marketing experts and consultants,  that you will in turn give us an opportunity to provide the advertising products you need.

Get 60+ Page Business Marketing Plan Free

Posted by on Sunday, 11 December, 2011

Do you need a business marketing plan?

A business marketing plan is an essential part of  successful marketing efforts. You need a marketing plan for your business,  but do not know where to start.  Let us make your marketing plan for free.  Take the pain out of creating your own marketing plan.

What can you expect?

We will provide you with an email that has an a to z complete business marketing plan. Television, Print, Radio, Internet, Viral, Video, Social, Reputation Management and more are all included based on your budget, goals, and products or services.  We have years of expertise, MBA’s , and the smartest marketing minds in the country that will consult to make every plan for every business.

You get all of this in your business marketing plan for free and within 48 business hours.

What is the catch?

No catch.  We offer an amazing plan that incorporates the very best of what you can get on your budget.  Why spend money before you know what works and what does not work? When you can call The Gorilla Ad Agency to make you a business marketing plan that is tailored to your business, your goals, on your budget.

We then send you our prices for the products you need.  If you end up somewhere else that is OK too.  We offer an array of great advertising services, at affordable rates.  Our company believes by helping you plan with our team of marketing experts and consultants that you will in turn give us an opportunity to provide the advertising products you need.

Fill out the form below to get started.

Fill out the form below the best you can. Ballpark figures are ok. This is just going to give us enough to create projections, give us a place to dig up real stats on your competitors, and your market(s).

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Affordable Advertising Agency

Posted by on Wednesday, 23 November, 2011

Looking for Affordable & Effective Advertising Packages for your business? The Gorilla Ad Agency, LLC is an Affordable Ad Agency specializing in TV ads, Media Buying,  video, web design, SEO,internet marketing,  print , graphic design, reputation management, social & viral marketing and more?

Or perhaps you don’t know what any of those terms mean and you need an expert that works closely with you to strategize, implement, and report like a marketing department in your own business.

The Gorilla Ad agency, LLC is just that.  A world wide firm that offers a full array of advertising products that are affordable and effective. An a le carte menu that provides even a small budget start-up the same advertising expertise that a fortune 500 company would get.

If your advertising was effective you would not have been looking for an affordable and effective solution.  Call us today and lets talk about your goals and how we can achieve them together.

What are you searching for?

    • Cheap Tv Advertising
    • Cheap Radio Advertising
    • Media Buying
    • Printing
    • Web Design and Development
    • Custom Software
    • POP and POS
    • Marketing Consultants
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Internet Marketing
    • SEO

It all start with getting a needs analysis.  We will create a marketing plan that you can use to market your business with or without us.  This is not your typical free report.  Get over 1 pages of how to successfully market your business.  The we will give you quotes for anything you may need, no strings attached.

One time prices, quality products, and great customer service is what makes us the worlds greatest affordable ad agency!

Get A Free Marketing Report | Contact Us

Web Design St Louis Missouri

Posted by on Tuesday, 15 November, 2011

Looking for Web Design in St Louis Missouri?

Looking for a web design company or a web designer in St Louis Missouri.  The Gorilla Ad Agency is the right choice for you.  We offer stellar services all over Missouri and the world.  We have over 100 clients in Missouri and are based in Springfield, MO.  Our business has been open for 4 years and we have made over 200 websites in that time.

Websites that re cost effective yet are the highest possible quality in code and graphic design. St Louis is in high demand for a great web design company, The Gorilla Ad Agency fills that void.  St Louis is a thriving metropolis in the heart of America.  The businesses in the Midwest and St Louis are transitioning to global powers by having websites made that reach the globe, and made to convert traffic into clientele.

Why get a web design by The Gorilla Ad Agency?

  1. Custom websites start at just $500.
  2. Unlimited design revisions.
  3. 1 year free hosting.
  4. SEO Friendly websites.
  5. Unlimited Design and development knowledge.
  6. Unlimited support before during and after.
  7. 100% guaranteed code for life.
  8. One on one support.
  9. Experts in WordPress, Magento, Ecommerce and Open Source platforms.
  10. Get a website that is better than your competition.

The Best Web Design St Louis has to offer! Call us today! 417-883-1104

About St Louis:
The city of St. Louis was founded in 1764 by Pierre Laclède and Auguste Chouteau, and after the Louisiana Purchase, it became a major port on the Mississippi River. Its population expanded after the American Civil War, and it became the fourth-largest city in the United States in the late 19th century. It seceded from St. Louis County in 1876, allowing it to become an independent city and limiting its political boundaries. In 1904, it hosted the 1904 World’s Fair and the 1904 Olympic Games. The city’s population peaked in 1950, then began a long decline.

The economy of St. Louis relies on service, manufacturing, and tourism, and the region is home to several major corporations, including Cassidy Turley, Express Scripts, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Graybar Electric, Scottrade, Anheuser-Busch, Edward Jones Investments, Emerson Electric, Energizer, and Monsanto. St. Louis is home to three professional sports teams, including the St. Louis Cardinals, one of the most successful Major League Baseball clubs; the hockey St. Louis Blues and football St. Louis Rams. The city is commonly identified with the Gateway Arch, part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in downtown St. Louis. More

First 5 things to do when you start your own business

Posted by on Monday, 19 September, 2011

Lets face it starting your own business is a lot of work.  There are many things that need to be done.  We wanted to make a small list of things you should do first when starting your own business.

1. Visit the SBA, Small Business Administration, and get a business plan started.  You can download some templates from the website and you can also get a S.C.O.R.E. counselor to help you with this.  A SCORE counselor is usually a retired person who was successful in life and is a volunteer to help people with their business.  Any time you have a question, make sure you have a SCORE counselor on speed dial.

2. Think of a great name.  In todays world the internet is an important place to market and brand your business.  So you want to make sure you look for a business name online as well as on paper.  Think of some names you like and then buy a domain name (.com) with that name.  I use Godaddy.  They have good customer service and they are huge so I doubt they will go anywhere, any time soon.  They have a great domain name search.  This is not easy.  Make sure to use a couple tricks of the trade.  Choose a name that is easy to remember.  Use something like a Gorilla that people will think of when you tell them your name.  Your name should be memorable even if not written down.  So avoid choosing long names or names that have a lot of similar words. Also find out who else has a similar name.  Search Google for companies that may be conflicting.  Lastly if you are a local business try to use your city in the domain name.

3. Get a fictitious business name and business license from the city, county and state.  Just give them a call they usually take a CC over the phone.  Also if you just go to the bank they can help too, depending on how your bank operates.  Calling the city, state, and government is helpful because they answer questions and are usually really friendly and helpful.

4. Branding.  Get a logo.  Have a pro do this.  Whether you have a friend, hire us ($25), or you are the pro.  You need some graphic designer to create your logo so you can use it in all future printing applications.  Word just does not cut it long term.

5. Get some business cards and a website.  Vista print offers free cards but they do not have your logo etc.  We sell them for as little as $45 for 1000 full color custom cards.  Bring these everywhere you go and hand them out to people you meet.  I try to hand at least one card to someone every day.  The website we can do too.  Our websites are as low as $200 for a custom site.  This is good but if you are on a shoe string budget then you can just buy hosting and use our free website creator.  This gives you vanity emails like and a place where you can put info on your business.  This can take the place of an actual office and is the primary place of business for many business owners.


Here is 5 things you need to do when starting your own business.  Feel free to chime in with your suggestions below.

Springfield MO Ad Agency

Posted by on Monday, 19 September, 2011

In Springfield Missouri there are a small selection of Advertising Agencies.  There are some high quality agencies and universities that pump the area full of talented new comers.  The Gorilla Ad Agency is the hottest ad agency in Springfield MO.  Small and start-up companies usually do not think of an ad agency to provide there advertising needs.  This is mostly due to price.  It seems an ad agency is a very expensive way to do business.  In fact it usually is reserved for large sized and mega corporations.

Not any more.  The Gorilla Ad agency, LLC and its first location in Springfield MO are targeting the small, medium and micro sized business.  The ad agency offers an al la carte menu with free strategy and planning for each product, reporting and fantastic customer service.  An ad agency that treats every company the same.  No need for retainers or to expense big budgets for video production, media buying, media planning, SEO , internet marketing, web design, web development and more.


Springfield Mo Ad agency, The Gorilla Ad Agency,  prices are public and published on the website.  To get started and get a complete needs analysis for free visit The Gorilla Ad Agency website home page and click the needs analysis button.

The Most Common Startup Mistakes

Posted by on Monday, 29 August, 2011
1. Insufficient Startup Idea Development: Most startups do not fail because the business idea is bad. The issue is that plenty of first-time entrepreneurs fail to actually plan the business before sinking money in to the startup. No matter how great a business idea is, it cannot succeed without detailed planning. Take the time to work through every angle of your business idea. Not only will you have a better grasp of how far your business can go, you will also reduce your risk and get ready to make the best decisions as you go. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazing Web Design & SEO Springfield MO!

Posted by on Friday, 13 May, 2011

web design ad

The Gorilla Ad Agency offers web design and SEO in Springfield MO for an affordable rate.  The highest possible quality results on all types of projects. Excellent customer service, and reliability are what make the Ad Agency the best design, development and SEO company in Springfield Missouri.

So once you get online you are going to need SEO as well.  Get your website built for $500, completely custom, from the ground up, by a team that knows SEO and Internet marketing as well as graphic design and all internet markup languages on an expert level.  What is the point in having an amazing online presence if you cannot be found in Google?  Some companies can survive without SEO, yes, most will thrive with top 10 Google rankings.

Imagine having the best website design in your niche, amongst all of your competitors.  Then imagine you dominating your market due to your search results thanks to our amazing SEO services.  Please feel free to call us and chat about your needs and grab a no-obligation quote from us.  We also have published prices on the web design packages page.

The Gorilla Ad Agency provides the best Web Design and SEO Springfield Mo has to offer.  As the old adage states, “The proof is in the pudding.” Take a look at our portfolio of latest designs. Our $500 packages include custom wordpress themes, 1 year of super fast hosting, unlimited design revisions, unlimited support, and a smooth experience.  All in about a week.

Watch the ‘SEO Springfield MO’ Video…

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