Email FAQ

Why can I not send e-mails?

If you are having difficulty sending e-mails using a program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail or Thunderbird, please check the following:

- Is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocking external SMTP servers from being used when you are on their network? Contact your ISP and ask them what SMTP server you should be using.
- Ensure that you have your SMTP server setup correctly. The server will be your domain name. You also need to check that you have it setup to authenticate with your mailbox username and password.

If neither of the above appear to be the problem, and you are our client, please contact us.

How can I manage the spam I am receiving in my emails?

Spam Assassin through cPanel. SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system that attempts to identify spam messages based on the content of the email's headers and body.You can enable SpamAssasin through your cPanel account under the 'Email Mangement' menu.

How many emails can I send per hour ?

Shared servers allow an account to send a total of 200 emails per hour. If you need to send more then that per hour please contact. dedicated servers are a better option for you if you are looking to send a lot of emails.

Why are my emails not getting to Hotmail or Yahoo customers ?

It is common for messages from certain IPs to be filtered based on the recommendations of Microsoft's SmartScreen filter, which is built around the technology of machine learning. SmartScreen's filters are trained to recognize what is and isn't spam, no specific details about what these filters specifically entail are known as this would render them useless.

SmartScreen's spam ratings are based on the reputation of the sender. One way to positively impact the reputation of your IP is to obtain SPF/Sender ID records. This technology allows SmartScreen to better track emails from your IP, weeding out spoofed messages. You can find additional information on creating SPF records at Please confirm that your emails comply with MSN Hotmail's technical standards. This information can be found at: You may also find additional information on common delivery questions at the Hotmail Postmaster Site found at:

Hotmail has created the Smart Network Data Services program which helps legitimate email senders work with their customers and partners to reduce spam originating from their IP. Please visit further information. This program allows a sender to monitor the 'health' of their IPs and user complaints. Hotmail also has a sender complaint feedback loop program Junk Email Reporting Program (JMRP). Enrollment in this, free of charge, program will benefit you as a sender as it will keep your e-mail lists updated and populated with interested MSN Hotmail Customers. Participation in this program will remove those MSN Hotmail Customers who do not want to receive e-mails from your company. If you are interested in joining this program please visit Http:// While using the SNDS tool, enrollment in the JMRP or having your IPs registered with Sender ID will not allow emails from your mail servers to bypass the filters, these are in place to help legitimate companies deliver their emails to Hotmail Customers.

Many legitimate mailers and marketers have qualified and joined Sender Score Certified Mail Program to improve mail deliverability and decrease email from being filtered to the Junk E-mail Folder. Sender Score is a third party program, administered by Return Path. The troubleshooting steps in this email are recommendations only, Microsoft makes no guarantees that following these steps will guarantee deliverability to MSN, Hotmail, or customers.

How do I setup my email account to use Mac Mail ?

To setup your email account using Mac Mail please follow the steps below:

- Launch the Mail application which is usually located in the Dock
- Go to the 'Mail' menu option in the menu bar and select 'Preferences'
- Click the 'Accounts' tab and then click the + button in the bottom left corner
- Enter the full name, e-mail address and password then click 'Continue'
- Select the account type you wish to operate your Mail account as, enter a description for the mail box and then type and your username and password, then click 'Continue'
- Click 'Continue' on the next screen, leaving the default mail security settings
- Enter for both the description and outgoing mail server, tick the authentication box and complete the username and password fields, then click 'Continue'
- Check the details you've entered are correct on the 'Account Suimmary' and then click 'Create'

How do I add my email account to Entourage (Mac)?

To add an email account to Entourage v11 please follow the below steps:

- Open Entourage and click on 'Tools' and then 'Accounts'.
- Click on 'New'.
- Enter your name and click the right arrow.
- Choose 'I already have an email address', type in the email address and click the right arrow.
- Enter your account ID, your password, your incoming and outgoing mail server and click the right arrow. If you are unable to connect to the smtp server, your ISP may be blocking port 25 from 3rd party use, contact your ISP if this occurs.
- Make up any name for the account and click 'Finish'.
- Click on 'Edit' button to open email 'Account Settings' and select 'Advanced Sending Options'.
- Check the box that says 'SMTP server requires authentication' and close the box.
- Click 'OK' to finish.

How do I add my email account to Outlook Express 6.0?

To add your email account to Outlook Express - Version 6.0 please open Outlook Express and then follow the below steps:

- Click 'Tools' then 'Accounts'
- Click 'Add' then 'Mail'
- Type in your Name and click 'Next'
- Type in your email address and click 'Next'
- Choose POP3 as the incoming mail server. For the server names for both Outgoing and Incoming, type mail.your-domain-name.ext.
- Type in your full email address as your account name. Also type in your password and click 'Next'.
- Click 'Finish' on the Congratulations screen then close the window.
- In Outlook Express, click 'Send/Receive'.
- If you are unable to connect to the smtp server, your ISP may be blocking port 25 from 3rd party use. Go into 'Tools' and click 'Accounts'. Select the email address you are using and click on 'Properties'. Click the 'Advanced' tab and replace 25 with 2626 for the outgoing (SMTP) port number, then click 'Save'.

Can I forward my emails to another email account?

To create an email forwarder please login to your cPanel account at: (where yourdomain is your domain name) then follow the steps below:

- Click on 'Forwarders' under the 'Email Manager' menu
- Click on 'Add Forwarder'
- Type in the 'Address to Forward' and the 'Forward to email address'
- Click on 'Add Forwarder'

How do I create and manage my email accounts?

Add an Email Address

To add a new email address:

  1. Type the email address to be created in the Email field.
    • If you manage more than one domain, make sure to select the appropriate domain from the pull-down menu.
  2. Type the password in the Password field.
  3. Retype the password in the Password (again) field.
    • You can click the Password Generator link to have a strong password generated for you. For more information, read our Password Generatordocumentation.
  4. Type the quota in the Mailbox Quota field.
    • The quota defines how much hard drive space the account will be allowed to use.
    • PICK Important: Due to mail server constraints, quotas cannot be greater than 2048 MB. Quotas exceeding this amount must be unlimited.
  5. Click Create Account.

Existing addresses are displayed in a table. Using this table, it is possible to:

  • See how much disk space the account uses.
  • Change a password.
  • Change a quota limit.
  • Delete an email address.
  • Access an account through webmail.
  • Configure a mail client.

Change the Password

A secure password is one that contains no dictionary words and includes upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

To change the password:

  1. Click Change Password next to the appropriate email account.
  2. Type your new password into the Password box.
  3. Confirm your new password in the Password (again) box.
    • You can click the Password Generator link to have a strong password generated for you. For more information, read our Password Generatordocumentation.
  4. Click Change Password to store the new password.
    • If you do not wish to change the password, click cancel.

Change the Quota Limit

The quota limit for an address defines the amount of mail (in Megabytes) that can be stored to its mailbox. Once this limit is exceeded, any incoming mail will be returned to the sender with a message stating that the recipient’s mailbox is full.

When the quota is reached, new incoming messages will be stored on the server for a 48-hour period before being deleted. They will not be delivered to your inbox until you delete old emails.

Since a full quota will prevent you from receiving mail, it is important to keep track of quota usage.

note Note: You will not be able to exceed the quota set by your web host. Also, due to mail server constraints, you cannot set a quota greater than 2048 MB. Quotas exceeding this amount must be unlimited.

To change a mail quota:

  1. Click Change Quota.
  2. Type the new email quota (in Megabytes) into the appropriate field. For an unlimited account, click unlimited.
  3. Click Change Quota to store the new value.
    • If you do not wish to change the quota, click cancel.

Delete an Email Address

To delete an email address:

  1. Click the Delete link corresponding to the account you wish to remove.
  2. Confirm that you wish to delete the address by clicking Delete.
    • If you wish to keep the email address, click cancel.

Configure an Email Client

This feature will automatically configure your email client to access your cPanel email address(es). An email client allows you to access your email account from an application on your computer. Outlook? Express and Apple? Mail are examples of email clients. To access this feature, click the More button corresponding to the appropriate email account.

note Note: You must already have an email client installed on your computer in order to automatically configure it using cPanel.

To configure your mail client:

  1. Select and download the appropriate configuration file from the list.
  2. Run the script file to automatically configure a mail client for the selected address.

When completed properly, your email client should open automatically and log into your email account(s).

note Note: If you wish to use an email client that is not listed in this interface, you will need to manually configure it. For more information on manually configuring an email client, review the documentation of the client you wish to use. Documentation can generally be found on the client's website.

Access Webmail

This feature allows you to access an email account using a web browser. To access this feature:

  1. Click the More button corresponding to the appropriate email account.
  2. Select the Access Webmail option from the resulting menu.
  3. Enter the password in the appropriate field.
  4. Click the Log in button.

Default Email Account

Your default email address is listed under the Default Email Account heading. This is a special email account set up when your cPanel account is created by your web host. The account's username and password are the same as your cPanel account name and password.

Depending upon your web host's setup, this address may serve as a "catch-all" for all mail sent to invalid usernames in your domain. As such, it may receive a large amount of spam.

You can check and delete the mail received by this account. To do this via webmail, click Access Webmail.

The default address cannot be deleted or renamed, and it has no quota. It cannot be used for sending email. For this reason, we recommend creating an email account for daily use.

BlackBerry® FastMailService

BlackBerry FastMail is a service that is available to cPanel 11.25 systems (and later) that use the Dovecot mail server. This service allows you to receive passive email updates on your BlackBerry device. This means that when you receive a new message in your inbox, your BlackBerry device will receive it almost simultaneously.

When FastMail is enabled, Dovecot and the server's operating system are automatically configured to improve the performance of the IMAP IDLE command. The IMAP IDLE command is the method by which you receive passive email updates.

note Note: If you configured your BlackBerry device before the release of BIS 2.6 or cPanel 11.25, you will need to complete the device setup again to realize the performance increase.

Direct access to sent and spam mail folders

You can configure your mobile device to open mail from your sent folder (or spamfolder) directly in your inbox. Simply configure the device to log into email using your email address, plus /sent or /spam, as the username (for example,

BlackBerry Level 3 Integration

If Research in Motion (RIM) recognizes you as a Mail Service Provider (MSP), this server can answer subscription requests at the following URLs:


note Note: For security reasons, you can only access these URLs through a serverthat is currently running BIS.

PICK Remember: In the examples above, is meant to stand for your domain.

How do I use BoxTrapper to help with spam?

BoxTrapper functions as a spam filter for email addresses. The filter works through “challenge-response” verification. When an email is sent to an account that has enabled BoxTrapper, a verification email is automatically sent in response. This verification email requires the original sender to reply to the verification request, leaving the subject line intact. When the reply is received, the original message will be delivered to the intended recipient’s account.

The goal in enabling BoxTrapper is to block BoxTrapper emails that will not reply to the verification email.

Enable BoxTrapper

To enable BoxTrapper:

  1. Click BoxTrapper under the Mail heading.
  2. Select the appropriate email account by clicking the Manage link next to the account.
  3. Click the Enable button.

note Note: When BoxTrapper is enabled, even when automatic whitelisting is disabled, any email address that you send email to will automatically be added to the whitelist, allowing email to be received from that address without an authentication process.

Configure BoxTrapper

By clicking Configure Settings, you can enable BoxTrapper for your email address. Enter all addresses forwarding mail to this account into the Email addresses going to this account box, separating them with commas, and your name in the Your Namebox.

It is also possible to define how many days to keep logs (overviews of all messages sent to your account) and messages (sent to your account but not yet delivered). This input value should be a positive whole number.

Automatic whitelisting can also be enabled or disabled using the appropriate checkbox. When automatic whitelisting is enabled, senders who successfully complete the verification process will not need to complete the verification process again when sending you email in the future.

Once you have entered all of the information, click Save.

Edit Confirmation Messages

Verification and blacklist messages can be customized using cPanel. It is also possible, using the Reset to Default button, to return the auto-response messages to their default settings.

Edit White, Black, and Ignore Lists

This feature allows the BoxTrapper lists to be edited manually.

To edit the lists:

  1. Select the link to the list you would like to edit.
  2. Key in any information you would like, including messages, subjects, and email addresses.
  3. Click Save.

PICK Remember:

  • The Whitelist contains a list of addresses and subject lines that will automatically be allowed past the filter.
  • The Ignore-list contains a list of addresses and subject lines that will not be allowed past the filter.
  • The Blacklist contains a list of addresses and subject lines that will not be allowed to pass the filter. This option will also automatically send a customized warning message to the sender.

Forward List

Email addresses that are added to the forward list will receive white-listed email as forwards automatically. Key-in the email addresses to add them to the forward list. Remember to click Save when making changes to the list.

Review Log

You can view the BoxTrapper log through cPanel’s interface. This log is organized by day and will show any activity associated with an email address that hasBoxTrapperenabled. This can be useful for isolating problems with email delivery.

Review Queue

Using the cPanel interface, you can view any BoxTrapper mail waiting for verification. This can improve email receipt times, since you can manually view and approve messages. You can find mail in the queue using the following tools:

  • Keyword Search: Searches can be filtered using the appropriate drop-down box and selecting SenderSubject, or Body before entering a keyword. Selecting 1 of the 3 search filters causes the function to search only that section of each email for the keyword, decreasing search times.
  • Viewing by Date: By default, the mail queue shows today’s messages. You can view different dates by clicking the previous or next day’s date, displayed above the queued message list.

BoxTrapper also allows you to deliver or delete mail from the mail queue screen:

  1. Click the box on the selected day to receive all messages received on that day.
  2. Click Delete or Whitelist & Deliver.
  3. Click the Submit button.

To see the contents of a message:

  1. Click the email’s sender, subject, or date. cPanel will display the entire message, including headers, and provide more delivery options—for example, you can ignore or blacklist a sender.
  2. Select the desired option.
  3. Click Go.