Media Buying & Planning Services

The primary responsibility of a media buying services is to advise, discuss and buy advertising space on behalf of our clients. Now advertising space really means we’re looking at the main above the line media which could be internet, mobile, television, radio, print media, or an outdoor advertising ad or space. The main function is to advise on the best formats available for a specific clients needs, goals, and budget. ┬áMedia buying works hand in hand with media planning.

Media Planning Around Your Needs

In the planning phase we look at the strategic elements of the marketing campaign. Basically the best times, the best places and of course strategically how to, to roll out the campaign. The media buying process must also be very aware of the segmentations of and requirements of their clients. The buying habits and who in fact the target audience is of our clients. Therefore we must understand the demographics, the socio, the socio geographic, and the demographics of our clients and their target market.

Why choose The Gorilla Ad Agency for Media Buying and Media Planning?

The Gorilla Ad agency offers media planning advice and buying services covering every continent. We have experience in the planning and buying of media campaigns all over the globe. Established media contacts, established media connections, ensure our clients receive a highly effective service, at cost effective prices.

Our goal is to achieve efficient and cost tailored media buying plans to fit the specific requirements of every client.Our recommendations and plans are based on detailed targeting and analysis. Research connections and know-how will make your advertising budget more effective. Call us today or fill out the needs analysis form to get started on your path to a productive and cost effective advertising.