A viral way of promoting your business.

The SEO video is a short 30 second or so video that is placed onto the web to be shared.  The websites that we place the videos onto get search engine results, as well as the pages they are on have a very high Google Page Rank.

Youtube, Flickr, Dailymotion, Vimeo and more. The videos themselves are very informative and generally point people to a certain page in your website.  They may or may not get thousands views on the video websites.  That is not the point.  The point is to get your link on that page and to take up space in the top 10 spots of search engines.

Example Video

For example a video for a company like ours, an ad agency, we would create videos fr every product we have eventually 2 or 3 even.  We want to flood the world with little commercial or informative pieces.

The upside to these videos are that you get brand recognition, high powered links to your website, a rise in traffic, and search engine visibility.  In some  cases our clients use them on their websites and send them out to prospecting clients. The best part about our videos is that they are very cost effective.  We recommend adding one per month to your advertising campaign.

We work with you to develop a video.  We add animations, small video clips, sound, and images into After Effects and Final Cut Pro to achieve the final product.  We can scale these to be TV ready as well, ask about pricing for that.

Affordable Prices

10 Second Video – $75
30 Second Video – $150
1 Minute Video – $300
3 Minute Video – $500

Call to get started.