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Can You Reverse Engineer the Google Algorithm?

Posted by on Thursday, 26 January, 2012

Can you reverse engineer the Google Algorithm? Yes, and no. Google does not release certain factors, exact weights of all the factor they released or what they are testing at the moment. So to completely reverse engineer the algorithm is impossible. What has been released are over 200 points of interest, and some clues to weight of the factors.

Where have these “factors” been released?

Google has a webmaster guide. It suggests how a web page should be built. These we feel are the “main” factors. Such as Title, meta, canonical, and others are in the webmaster guide. The weight is not exactly expressed, yet we can use the data to assemble some factors in our reverse engineering.

Ask Google Questions about the Algorithm

More over there are a few places on the web to retrieve more current and interactive information from Google. Google has a blog, youtube channel as well as a facebook page, forum and email list. Get into Google as deep as you can. Stay current, ask the right questions and you will find that we have more than enough to develop a solid reverse engineering. After all, we only use what Google tells us to. So the process is 100% white hat, and Google would do it this way if they were you.

Reverse Engineer?

How the reverse engineering of the google algorithm works is we take factors like the title tag <title>. We count the number of words in the title. Lets say there are 4 words. Next we Google a term we want results in. We also count the words in the title in all the pages that come up on the 1st page for the search. So we have 10 figures to compare, we just need the highest and lowest numbers. Lets say the most words in any title is 5 words, and the least is 3 words. Then we would want to have 3, 4, or 5 words in our title. Even more important what is the “density” of the keyword we searched in the title. Or how many of the 4 words in my title are the keyword, and what does the top ten sites contain. We have 2, or 50% density of the 4 words are the keyword we searched. The range from the top ten sites in Google are in between 25 and 50%. So we are good.

This is done for about 200 points of interest. The process is tedious and you will see critics. These critics feel that spamming the web with “backlinks” is the way to achieving targeted search results. We do not feel that link building is as successful as 100% success rates, and if your company needs to switch speeds a link building campaign cannot handle said task. Viral marketing, and onsite optimization are the way Google wants your SEO company to operate.

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