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SEO: Keyword Density

Posted by on Monday, 31 January, 2011

What is Key­word Density?

Key­word den­sity is a total count of a word in a doc­u­ment divided by the num­ber of words in that doc­u­ment.  This also applies to images, links and other tags and code.

How rel­e­vant is den­sity in get­ting search engine results?

I wanted to address a topic that is highly debated upon in SEO cir­cles.  Key­word Den­sity.  Most now are feel­ings of con­cern about the way Google and other search engines are com­bat­ing spam sites try­ing to manip­u­late results with key­word den­sity counts.

Is key­word den­sity even a fac­tor in get­ting results in search engines?

My take on it is yes most def­i­nitely, YES.  Why you ask? How can I be so sure of myself?  I guess I am not a Google insider but I am equipped with some knowl­edge in that sub­ject.  The answer is sim­ple to me as I broke down what a search engines really doing.  The algo­rithm, or the giant equa­tion, that deter­mines which page is suit­able and rel­e­vant for a search result on any given search term.  It is a math prob­lem.  How do you turn those words into a num­ber you ask?  By count­ing the words, links, and dif­fer­ent types of tags, etc.  There is also some text-fingerprint tech­nol­ogy out there that iden­ti­fies with spaces in between words for exam­ple.  I don.t find that rel­e­vant in a search result yet though.  So the den­sity of a key­word on a page for sev­eral dif­fer­ent types of code, image names, bold words, links, and what­ever are counted yes.  So den­sity is a fac­tor.  To what degree is part of the mys­tery within the algo­rithm. But key­word den­sity is def­i­nitely a factor.

How do you know  just the right den­sity to get bet­ter search results?

That is the $50Million ques­tion to a lot of web­site own­ers.  I am not going to bore you with really advanced tac­tics but I will give you instead an easy yet effec­tive method.  This is easy but it requires a ton of leg work! So do not con­fuse easy with fast.

First things first you need a den­sity count.  There are free den­sity calu­la­tors around the web every­where I would use one if I were you.  You can also use microsoft word too it gives an accu­rate word count at the bot­tom of the page.  Now we  are assum­ing we have a tar­geted key­word or key­word phrase already cho­sen.  Because you are way behind if not.  We have an arti­cle some­where in our archives about that.

Now it is time to see what the cur­rent top 10 are up to.  So  go to Google and type in the desired key­word phrase into the search bar. Now go to the first site on the list.  Ignore any wiki pages, about, dictionary, encyclopedia, yellow pages, direc­to­ries etc.  Just go to the sites that are nor­mal sites , not web­site that are basi­cally another list of sites.

Once you have iden­ti­fied your com­peti­tors and vis­ited there sites we need to do the math.  Cal­cu­late the den­si­ties in each of the com­peti­tors sites.

You will notice pat­terns.  For exam­ple if your desired key­word phrase is “acme wid­gets”.  Look­ing at the com­peti­tors sites you will need write down the range of totals.  So if  site A  has used the word “acme wid­gets”  25 times and site B  used the term the least at 20 times.   Write down that range 18 to 25.  Then we want to check the per­cent­ages or den­si­ties out in a range as well.  So site A with 25 times has 100 total words and a den­sity of 25%.  Site B has 20 times usage with 200 words and a den­sity of 10%.  The key­word den­sity range is 10%?—?25%.

Now that you have the stats use them as guide­line for the copy in your web­site.  Pub­lish, and then ping you sitemap.

Just a side note:

You want to pay atten­tion to the den­si­ties in the fol­low­ing areas and more:

1. title

2. meta tags

3. text

4.H1 text / h2 –h6 text

5. Inbound link text

6. Invound Link URL

7. Out­bound link text

8. Out­bound link URLS

9. bold words

10. image alt text

11. first sen­tence of the body

Now this does not mean to just stuff words that do not mean any­thing into the page.  We want even dis­tri­b­u­tion through­out the page.  Some at the top, some in the mid­dle and some at the bot­tom.  Write for your poten­tial clients, vis­i­tors and not search results while keep­ing al of the den­si­ties in mind.  Yeah it a ton of work to do!  Call me, ( Travis Holt/ GM?—? I will take care of every­thing for you.