Popular Web Services

Below is a selection of our most asked for products. We are infinitely capable. If you can imagine it we can get it done with the highest quality production available. Call for any services you see here or you dont see here. We would love to talk about your needs.

Web Development

Do you have a web design and want to add some functionality? Or perhaps you need us to slice a photoshop design into HTML? We can handle any job big or small, complex, or common, PHP or ASP anyway you need it done we can provide high quality web development. Our team consists of over 40 years experience inside the development department. All of our developers have degrees, are certified in the languages they write, and have been known to provide the most excellent of quality and precision. Call us today so we can discuss your needs.

iPhone App’s and Mobile App’s

The future is here and the trends are headed right for the importance of a mobile device presence. We can provide almost any application or functionality you can think of into a mobile web application. Thought of a cool iPhone app? Great because they are hot right now and 11 million app’s sold in 2008. The numbers for 2009 are supposed to crush the 2008 iphone app sales. What about the years to come? The growth of these for advertising and profitability are staggering. Are you ready to ride the profit train? Call us today and lets discuss your idea.

PSD to CSS (Slicing Services)

Do you have a design that is a psd file and you wan to convert it into a website. This process is known as slicing. Slicing is just that cutting the design into pieces that will be put into place one by one using XHTML and CSS. It takes about one day per page to do. We will give you W3 valid coding, as well as organized code. When you turn to experts you will get it done correctly, timely and efficiently. We guarantee our work will have no bugs, or we will fix them free.

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system will make an administrator area for the websites owner to be able to change data that is on the website. You can do this as an upgrade from any website, or design. We will simply make a password protected, secure area for the websites owner or webmaster to log into. Just select which areas you want to be editable, and we will write the code and create the database functionality necessary to accomplish this. Price depends on the amount of editable areas.

Simple Ecommerce Shopping Cart (per page)

Ecommerce or a shopping cart feature is where you can integrate a purchase process into a web design. We can en lay this into any current design or we can create additional pages that have a shopping function. This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t need a full ecommerce site. This is more for the website owner who wants to offer just a handful of products, or has just a couple of current products they want to sell.

Custom Blog – Word Press Theme

We can design a customized theme for word press and install it for you. This will allow you to choose the areas of which you will have your posts, as well as choose all the other area from widget placement to footer and header. Every aspect of a custom blog, whether a CMS like WordPress or we make you a custom CMS, is 100% customizable. We will approach this with the same 2 step process as a regular web design. The graphic artists will make a design in photoshop, then our development team will masterfully make your design into a theme.

Guest Book – Testimonials

This is a really great feature to add to your design or a future website. Allowing your traffic to interact with you will allow you to build rapport with new surfers, get suggestions to improve your site, get feedback on bugs etc., or build popularity by giving new surfers a sense of others surfing as well. This is a very powerful tool to have on your website. We can customize a Guest book or testimonial area that suites the need of your site. This price includes an administrator area to control , approve, deny, and moderate the guest book/testimonial area.

Custom Joomla or Drupal Theme

With the rise in popularity of drupal and joomla along with it comes the popularity of custom designs no one else has. The downfall of not having a custom design will be all the millions of user who also have the same theme as you. An advantage of having a custom theme is that there is the flex ability of putting modules and features where ever you want them. We will attack this with the same 2 step process as a regular web design. The graphic artists will make a design in photoshop, then our development team will masterfully make your design into a theme. We guarantee great work, and will fix any bugs for free.